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Never underestimate the power of design for a picture paints a thousand words. Compelling designs encourage people to act, purchase, start a movement, inspire and motivate or bring about awareness of an important issue. At LeBam Designs, we present your brand to the world through the art of colour, pictures and words. We capture your knowledge creatively in a brochure, post or booklet.

Check out our portfolio of work. We work with your brand to elevate your business. We at Lebam Designs want to make your advertising campaign elegant, pretty, and colourful. Contact us today – tell us what you want, how much of it you need,  and we can quote you on our great designs at reasonable prices!

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Social Media
Social media is the modern billboard – stylish media posts that capture the attention and imagination of your target audience. Crafting your message with our design will give you a greater audience reach.
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Let us put your personality on paper. Résumés are the gateway to your dream job. Our visually stunning resumes help you to stand out from the other applicants.
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Graphic Design
Allow the power of design to give voice to your message, A great design that encompasses image, colours, emotions, spaces that teaches and conveys the message of who you are and what your business is about.
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Here is what our clients say about us


Working with Mabel from LeBam has been an absolute pleasure. She is friendly, professional, and forward-thinking. My resume has never looked better, thanks to her beautiful formatting and design work. She listened to what I wanted and worked patiently to deliver a result that I am delighted with. With a surprisingly fast turnaround! Thank you again, Mabel.


Very professional and great service provided by LeBam.


I would highly recommend, lovely service and better than I expected outcome.


I just had my résumé done by LeBam Résumé and never realised how much of a difference it makes by getting it done professionally. Every step of the process was well explained, and communication between myself and the consultant was outstanding, and they were able to meet and exceed all my expectations.